Acavallo Anatomic Girth Long Black or Brown

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Acavallo Anatomic girth long, Black or Brown, available in sizes 115cm - 140cm.  The special gel section in these girths allows freedom and comfort of movement.  Helps alleviate the saddle slipping and therefore means the girth does not have to be done up so tight. Proven to be beneficial for girthy/sensitive horses

We highly recommend these girths for your horses comfort.

Gel Anatomic Jumping Girth
A more streamline version of the Stud Girth contoured to fit round the elbow and maximise freedom of movement. This comfort girth is made from composite material & soft eco leather. Eliminates pinching & relieves pressure on the abdomen enabling a tight close fitting girth without discomfort. A sophisticated airflow pattern is created by the individual shock absorbing gel pad elements. This improves flexion, breathability and reduces sweat build up. A patented Acavallo® safety fastening hook is designed to eliminate need for additional snap hooks for martingales & draw reins creating a smooth safe connection.

Please note that these girths measure slightly short to allow for the relaxing of the elastic on the girth straps

Online reviews from around the internet

1. Absolutely love this girth. It prevents the saddle from sliding. It does such a good job that I no longer need to use a breastplate. It is definitely worth the price. This girth holds up very well to every day use. It does run on the small side so when getting one go the size up. Due to the double elastic it does not stretch much.

2. I just received this girth. I bought for a roundish young horse hoping to keep the saddle in place without making the girth so tight he couldn't breathe. It worked beautifully on him - allowed me to set the saddle off of his shoulders and girth snugly but not tightly. So, I decided to try it on the slab sided horse and the in between as well. I was pleased with the performance, especially when the one performed antics that have left my saddle slipping with previous girths. The girth does run a bit short (about an inch) so if you are in between I would size up. I can't speak to durability since I just got it but easy care, good looking, good value. The elastic on ends is double elastic and the hooks seem to be sewn in securely.


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