Merino + Sensitive Skin Dressage Square GREY

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The new range of Dressage squares for the sensitive horse. The classic LeMieux cut lined with super soft Bamboo fabric and finished with a luxurious Merino+ trim on the outside edge. Ideal for thin skinned and sensitive horses or those tricky times of year when coats are changing. 

The Merino+ trim eliviates any posability of friction on the outter edge when under saddle with 30mm width of soft luxury wool. Bamboo is the ultimate pad lining in all conditions with its light weight, exceptionally soft feel. Its breathability and wicling properties are unrivaled along with the abaility to disperse heat & odour. 

If washed carefully on a wool cycle (max 30 degrees), with preferably WoolSkin or non-biological powder or liquid these lambswool pads will give long service. 

ALWAYS air dry. NEVER place directly near a heat source.

The lambswool in your Merino+ pad will volumise once it's opened from its packaging and gain in depth & density as it absorbs moisture and air. Its' feel & flexibility will also improve the more you wash it. 

We recommend using a wash bag in the washing machine. 

Please ensure all velcro is closed firmly prior to washing.

Warning: In rare cases dye from black wool items may leak from wool items giving a slight blue tint. Staining of grey coats can occur which can easily be resolved with washing. 

A pre-wash is advised before use.

Available in Black, Navy, Grey, Benetton or White in Full size

LeMieux Merino+ Dressage Square

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