Stubben Hamanol 250g

Stubben Hamanol 250g

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Stubben Hamanol is specially formulated to feed and revitalize leather.
It should be used in conjunction with Stubben Leather Soap which is specially formulated for the cleaning of quality leather articles.

Free tack cleaning sponge with this purchase

This is great stuff, saddlesnthings tested, leaves leather in great condition soft, supple leather after using this product. Highly recommended.

User comments

Wow! This dressing worked WONDERFULLY! I am very pleased with it. It is a soft, paste-like form that when rubbed in, leaves the leather soft and with a high-shine, brand new look! It also helps to blend in scratches and blemishes, which are common on my seat, cantle, and flaps. The Hamanol is not greasy or sticky - a quality hard to find in Conditioners. It is also non-darkening, unlike Neatsfoote Oil. It also will not rot stitching, which is a danger in using other conditioners and dressings. I really am pleased with the Stubben Hamanol Leather Dressing

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