Paypal Pay in 4

What is Paypal Pay in 4?

Pay in 4 is an instalment loan that lets you split your purchase into 4 repayments, with the 1st payment due at the time of the transaction and 3 subsequent repayments made every 2 weeks thereafter.


Will I be able to use Pay in 4?
We’re offering Pay in 4 to a growing number of our Australian customers. You must be an AU resident and have a PayPal account in good standing or open a PayPal account to apply.

Pay in 4 is not available for certain merchants and goods. If you choose Pay in 4 as your payment method when you check out with PayPal, you will be taken through the application process. You’ll get a decision instantly but not everyone may be approved based on our internal checks.

How can I pay with Pay in 4?
Just choose to pay with PayPal when you shop online and if it’s an eligible transaction, you’ll see Pay in 4 as one of the available payment methods. Simply apply for a Pay in 4 plan in just a few steps, get an instant decision, and finish checking out.


You can use Pay in 4 for eligible shopping cart values between $30 to $2,000 AUD.


What are the terms and conditions for my Pay in 4 plan?
You must read the Pay in 4 Contract for any Pay in 4 plan before you submit your application. You will see the link to the Contract when you choose to apply for Pay in 4 at checkout. You will also have the option to download the Contract.

Once your plan starts, we will send you an email containing important information about your Pay in 4 plan, including how to locate your Contract.

How will my Pay in 4 transaction appear within my PayPal Account?
Every Pay in 4 transaction will appear in your activity feed for the full purchase amount under the merchant’s name as a “purchase” within your PayPal activity. This is to reflect the initial total purchase and is not reflective of the Pay in 4 instalment plan or any payments made by your specific payment method. PayPal pays the merchant upfront for the transaction and spreads that cost over 6 weeks automatically withdrawing funds from your PayPal account based on the payment schedule agreed in your Pay in 4 Contract. The first instalment and subsequent instalments each will be reflected as a separate transaction in your PayPal activity and represents the actual repayments made.

Can I still apply for a refund if I used Pay in 4?
Yes, you can still apply for a refund for your purchase when you use Pay in 4. If you return some or all your items according to your legal rights and/or the refund policy of the merchant, you may get a partial or full refund. Partial refunds will lower the amount that you owe for the Pay in 4 repayments you have left. Any refund issued more than the outstanding loan amount will be paid to your PayPal Balance.

Are there any fees associated with Pay in 4?
There are no fees for choosing to pay with Pay in 4.

How long will my Pay in 4 plan last?
Your individual plan will last a little over 6 weeks in total. The first payment will be due at the time of the transaction and 3 subsequent payments will be taken every 2 weeks thereafter.

Where can I pay with Pay in 4?
Pay in 4 is available to use at selected merchants where PayPal is accepted. Transactions can be made in all currencies that PayPal supports, not just AUD. For transactions not in AUD, PayPal will automatically convert the transaction amount to AUD at checkout before providing you with your Pay in 4 plan. Currency conversion charges will apply as set out in your PayPal User Agreement.

Pre-approval is not a guarantee of approval. For privacy reasons, only you can see why your application was declined. You were shown a reason within the application decision that should have provided additional information.