Saddle Trials, fees and conditions

The 7 day trial applies to all saddle purchases.  

The trial starts from the day you receive the saddle or the day it arrives at the post office.

If returning the saddle it must be in the post or returned to the store no later than 7 days after you have received the saddle at the post office..

Saddles should be returned clean and in the condition you received them in. If not clean a cleaning fee of $25 will be subtracted from your refund amount. Saddles will not be accepted back if damaged while in your care. Please only clean with a damp cloth, no conditioner

For saddles purchased with Cash or Bank deposit there is a full refund minus postage costs if you return the saddle.

For saddles purchased by Paypal or Credit Card there is a 5% restocking fee, minus postage costs if the saddle is returned.

If you have any other questions feel free send us an email