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ALMOST NEW IN CONDITION.  Jeffries Dressage saddle 17.5" with a medium to medium wide gullet.  Two girth points, flocked panels, medium to small knee blocks, giving you plenty of room to move.  Made from quality leather. This saddle will suit the TB type of horse.  This saddle is in almost faultless condition.

About the saddle makers

Jeffries' saddlemakers have an absolute minimum of five years experience and in most cases over 20 years experience. Every saddle is started and completed by one saddlemaker to ensure consistent craftsmanship throughout. In 1987 Jeffries acquired the famous Falcon brand to complement its world renowned Jeffries' saddles.

Jeffries manufactures its own spring trees, each to a design that is renowned for its excellent fit, produced in 6-ply laminated wood to prevent distortion whilst retaining flexibility for comfort. Jeffries also source specialist trees from Walsall based manufacturers. The finest quality leather is prepared and finished meticulously, providing ultimate durability and rider safety. Jeffries use only pure new wool flock for stuffing their saddles. Some models have high quality foam panels including the Flyover and a number of close-contact saddles. This allows the saddle fitter to make minor adjustments and tune the saddle for an optimum fit for the horse. Further adjustments can be made throughout the life of the saddle should the horse or pony change shape.

The comfort of the rider is ensured with maximum-density foam for saddle seats and knee-pads, whilst saddle flaps are carefully raced to ensure that stitching is in a channel and protected from abrasion, prolonging life and reducing wear.

The durability and longevity of a saddle depends on putting back the natural oils that are lost during use and exposure to weather. Jeffries natural Leathercare helps to retain the tensile strength and suppleness essential for safe and comfortable riding.

The beauty of Jeffries' saddlery is not just skin deep. Its what lies beneath the surface that makes a Jeffries saddle so special.


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