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Europen quality at it's finest.  Stubben have been making saddles since 1894 and are used by some of the worlds finest riders in showjumping, eventing and dressage.  If you buy a stubben saddle it will last for 20+ years.  If I was still riding this saddle wouldn't be for sale, I would be keeping it for myself.  It is in excellent condition and will suit someone wanting a top competition saddle.  Located in Pakenham and comes with a 7 day trial.  RRP new $4935

Year of manufacture: Unsure
Colour: Brown
Saddle Seat size: 17.5"
Current Gullet size: Stamped 32, measures wide
Adjustable Gullet: Adjustable by saddle fitter
Panel Fill: 
Mounts Included: Stubben leathers, Saddle cover.

Portos Jump Saddle

Stylistically accurate jumping and optimal mobility for horse and rider – that’s what you can expect from the Close Contact jumping saddle Portos.

Made with our famous 'Spring Tree' design which is created to flex and move with your horses back whilst also protecting the wither and the rest of the spine.

Newly designed and extremely soft seat, combined with its narrow twist and flat panel with short rib, reduces the distance between horse and rider to the absolutely required minimum. This helps both partners to merge into a perfectly matched unit.

The full grain, soft leather makes sure that the rider feels at ease from the very beginning. The Portos model, however, is not only highly functional, but also distinguishes itself by its fanciful elegance. Its decorative stitching is an eye catcher. This saddle is particularly recommended for those who fancy a supple and aesthetically pleasing light seat.

Panel in matching tone
Short billets
Foam panel
Pommel and cantle on the same level
17" CS front and rear blocks
17.5" front and rear blocks

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