GEL Acavallo Thin Skin Gel Pad

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Acavallo Thin Skin Gel Pad 

This extremely light weight gel pad can be used directly on the horses back or between numnah and saddle. It is very popular within the competition world as it is very good at stopping saddles from slipping. It also helps to stabilize the saddle. The product can be cut with a pair of scissors for smaller saddles.  Will not affect your saddles fit.  If placing next to your horses skin, give the horse time to adjust to the feel by lunging first.  Some horses do  not like this feel so best to text them out first before riding.

The active soft gel pad is a easy care non toxic breathable product that is machine washable (30oC) or by simply running under water using a mild soap.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent quality & great service

I’m a repeat customer of Saddles N Things- Sue is always so friendly and helpful! I’m really happy with my new Acavallo gel pad- excellent price & it was posted to me so quickly! Thank you!

So glad your are happy with your purchase Maddy and thank you for your support. Sue


Super speedy service, competitive price and exactly what I needed to help keep my saddle in place. Thankyou

We are so glad you are happy and your problem is solved. Thank you for taking the time to send us a review. Sue

Char Char
Just what I needed

I was having trouble with my saddle slipping back and was recommended this product and both my horse and I love it!! Keeps my saddle just where I want it. Would recommend it

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, much appreciated :) and we are glad you are happy with your purchase.

Helen W
No slipping!

My new Acavello thin gel pad certainly does the trick - no more slipping. I had previously been using a different brand - very old now and starting to stretch. It was so sticky it was hard to prevent it curling up against itself! This one is not so sticky but it seems stronger and covers a larger area. No saddle slippage on my roly poly Friesian x and it is very easy to handle to boot! Very happy that I purchased it.

Oh that's excellent Helen, there is nothing worse than feeling the saddle slipping when going around corners :) Thank you so much for posting a review. Sue

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