STIRRUPS Compositi Reflex Stirrups - Black or Brown

  • $82.50
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These stirrups are made from one of the toughest high-tech polymers produced by DuPont.

The tread is positioned on a shock absorption layer to reduce tension in knees and ankles while riding. The large sole provides increased contact and comfort, and has an anti-skid surface for better grip.

Black or Brown - Pair
11 1/2cm (4 1/2")

Staff Pick.  I just love these stirrups having used them myself.  Very secure foot feel. Slight 5 degree cushioned angle.  Finally great value. A really good buy.

Customer review from the WEB

"I purchased these on recommendation of my coach as she had used them to help with an ankle injury she has and found that they helped her. I suffer with arthritis in my knee and hoped they would help to ease the pressure, they are amazing! I no longer have aching knees after I've ridden and would highly recommend them to anyone who has similar problems"

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