Elastic Chambon training aid

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Neck Stretcher helps in the training of your horse. This accessory provides assistance in getting your horses neck to stretch down while being exercised

I have personally used this myself and find it get the horse stretching down and forward rather than down and back. It also encourages them to soften through the back.

An basic 'elasticated' Chambon set. The Chambon was invented by and named after a member of the Cadre Noir in the early 1900s and can be a useful training aid for some horses. Correctly used the Chambon can prevent excessive upwards movement of the horse's head and neck but allows free movement sideways, forwards and downwards. The Chambon does not apply backward pressure (unlike the Gogue). As the Chambon does not employ backward pressure, the horse’s reaction will be to lower his head, lift his back and engage his hind legs and as the horse lowers his head the bit is allowed to slip back into its proper place which should, in turn, encourage the horse to mobilise his jaw and to salivate.

How to use the Elastic Chambon  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=441Yakw0Gws

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